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Color Mindfulness Workshops


I believe in the power of color to transform lives and change the world.


Color is life. Color is vibration. Color is all around us and informs just about everything we do. Color constantly influences us and our world in so many ways: physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. When we shift our perception of color, we can change the way we see the world and create a new personal vision. 

  • Become a confident color creator.

  • Learn how color works.

  • Gain confidence in your color choices 

  • Avoid expensive color mistakes.

  • Learn about practical use of color for your home and business.

  • Find insight into the role color plays in your life  

  • See the world with fresh eyes through the powerful medium of color.

Color is how we navigate our vision of the world. If, at times, it seems as if our way of seeing things, including ourselves, is not wholly aligned with who we want to be, learning how to see color afresh can help us rediscover the world by creating a richer and more complex field of view.

          Studying with Jeffrey, I began to apply color theory to everything from selecting my clothes,     to choosing paint for my home, to advancing my photography. Jeffrey is passionate and deeply         knowledgeable on the subject and presents concepts in a hands-on, accessible, and fun                 manner. I highly recommend his course for anyone who wants to learn how to truly see color.   

          Kathryn Steineker, photographer and former student living and working in Santa Fe, N.M.

       Jeffrey is an inspiration. He shares his deep knowledge and infectious enthusiasm about the ins and outs of all things color. 

       Cassandra Lillard, painter and former student living and working in LA


The Color Mindfulness Workshops are for people from all walks of life who wish to experience their world through fresh eyes. The course is designed for artists and non-artists alike who want to learn about how color works and how to apply new color skills for the creative use.

The Color Mindfulness Workshops introduce students to how a practical understanding of the underlying principles of color and color interaction will enhance their lives. Students work with colored paper and paint through a systematic process of simple, straightforward exercises designed to help them discover for themselves how color works, and to allow them to experiment with their new-found color skills to harness the power of color for optimum advantage.

Instead of teaching closed color systems that only work for specific applications, the Color Mindfulness Workshop is designed to retrain the eye to perceive color with new awareness and understanding. When a student of color improves their own, individual perception of color, they can then apply their newfound awareness to whatever task they choose.

The study of color is vast. Since ancient times artists and thinkers have wrestled with trying to explain how we respond to color both scientifically and psychologically. Questions about the meaning of color and the roles color plays in our lives touch on studies as diverse as biology, neuroscience, art and design, industry and manufacturing, linguistics, cultural anthropology, socioeconomic theory, political history, and the philosophical questions that lie at the heart of the nature of existence and human consciousness.  

For centuries, artists and scientists have worked to devise systems to organize and explain color in myriad ways, from the basic elementary school color wheel for mixing paint to the most sophisticated programs for digital rendering and communication.

But color is fickle and independent. Because of the scale and complexity of color usage, color resists almost all attempts at creating any useful, universal system that can be applied to multiple applications.  Simple models break down when applied to different areas of study.  

Artist and educator Jeffrey Keith has taught color theory and practical color usage at the University of Denver School of Art and Art History for over twenty-five years. Jeffrey has spent a lifetime practicing and teaching how to maximize the power of color in art and in our daily lives. Jeffrey grew up on Cape Cod, attended CalArts and the Art Institute of San Francisco, and lives and works in Denver, Colorado.


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