These new paintings present a steep departure from my previous body of work in almost every imaginable way.


Unlike before, when I worked the canvases on trestles with knives and concrete scraper tools , to create multi-layered, non-objective paintings, the new work is made upright, with brushes, and speak in a language of abstract imagery.


Perhaps the biggest difference is that the once tightly  controlled color 

inspired by the natural world,  has been unleashed to explore a new palette of highly contrasted secondary hues.

The images have grown organically over the last several years, inspired by southwestern landscape, the sea, and buff art.


I see these new paintings as conversations, sometimes seemingly, frustrated, interrupted, or covered over. They speak to me of a yearning to communicate feelings that are not always easily articulated, welcome, or warmly received, as between a parent and child, or lovers and friends.  Stilted conversations, subterranean meaning, awkward paintings.

Arising, 2019, oil on birch, 60x60

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